Grace &
Naeem Uddin, Inc.

Construction Managers


Being a seasoned company in the construction arena, GNU provides the complete network of construction services required to successfully complete a project within budget and on schedule in a safe manner.

Preconstruction Services

  • Perform Site Investigation

  • Design Review

  • Value Engineering & Option Analysis

  • Constructability

  • Minimize or Eliminate Change Orders

  • Develop Schedule with Critical Path

  • Advertise Bid

  • Pre-Qualify Subcontractor

  • Develop Guaranteed Maximum Price

Construction Management Agent (CMa)

  • Act as the Owner’s designated agent
  • Maintain a coordinating relationship with a government agency, its clients, architect, engineers, construction contractors, and stakeholders.
  • Review pre-design and design for constructability and quality assurance.
  • Ensure work is performed by the Design/Builder per contract design and technical specifications.
  • Reviews contract modifications.
  • Perform regular site visits and reports findings to Owner.
  • Write progress weekly meeting minutes and inspections reports.
  • Review contractor’s monthly schedules and critical path for compliance.
  • Review Contractor’s monthly payment applications for accuracy.
  • Anticipate construction issues involving Owner’s clients operations.
  • Develop and /or review Contractor’s risk assessments.
  • Inspect construction site for OSHA compliance.
  • Develop a punch list for the contractor.
  • Witness commissioning of the project.
  • Review contractor’s close-out package.

General Contracting

  • Advertise Project

  • Prequalify Subcontractors

  • Evaluate bids

  • Maximize minority participation

  • Establish Total Cost

  • Award Subcontractors

  • Develop Schedule of Values

  • Develop and Maintain Schedule

  • Prepare and Attend Progress Meetings

  • Cost Control

  • Cost Load Schedule

  • Check Manpower Allocation

  • Conduct Safety Meetings

  • Quality Control

  • Request Inspections from governing jurisdiction

  • Develop & Complete Punchlist

  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy

  • Obtain and Submit Warranty Documentation

Construction Management

  • Conduct Progress Site Visits and Inspections

  • Conduct Progress Meetings

  • Report to Owner discrepancies from Plans & Specifications

  • Adhere to Project Schedule

  • Check Quality Control

  • Check Project for Safety

  • Review Submittals

  • Review RFI’s

  • Review Payment Applications

  • Weekly and Monthly Progress Reporting

  • Conduct Turnover Process

  • Conduct Closeout Phase

  • Assist Owner Claim Management

Design Services

  • Define vision and strategy to obtain the Owner’s desired outcome.

  • Select design team depending on project’s required expertise.

  • Develop organizational structure.

  • Develop budget and schedule.

  • Develop schematic/conceptual drawings.

  • Meet with Owner and stakeholders to ensure design meets intent and expectations of scope, cost, quality, and schedule.

  • Develop 30%, 50%, 90% drawings and complete construction documents.

  • Perform constructability and sustainability reviews.

  • Address any site or environmental issues.

  • Interface design with local government, utilities, citizens, planners, contractors, and end users.